private investigator for local authorities
local authority private investigator

Local Authorities

For local authorities and councils throughout the UK our highly experienced teams are often asked to provide assistance. Some of the issues we are regularly called upon to help with are listed below but the list is not exclusive, we'd be delighted to assist with any sphere of operation that requires investigation.

Staff Issues

As with many organisations, where there are large staff numbers our private investigators can provide assistance to detect problems including, internal theft, moonlighting and fraudulent sick leave and injury claims. Following investigation and by delivering a professional report we aim to help local authorities by eliminating issues or in some instances delivering evidence to enable legal dismissal of troublesome employees.


Unfortunately, fraudulent activity is a problem for many local authorities & councils. At Gilead Specialist Services, we recognise that speed is the key when dealing with fraudulent benefit claims, fraudulent injury claims, co-habitation etc. We can quickly deploy trained and experienced surveillance teams to gather cast iron evidence without the target(s) being aware of our activity.

Anti Social Behaviour

In many local authorities, people live with a sense of growing anxiety about the crime and anti-social behaviour they see around them. As well as carrying out proactive investigations on their behalf. Many local authorities have few resources available to tackle ASB but we can help by providing the hard evidence they need to be able to deal effectively with it once and for all.

Fly Tipping

The cost of clearing up rubbish left by fly tippers increases annually, in England alone the cost in 2016/17 was £57.7 million. By using our surveillance experts, councils can concentrate on dumping grounds to target offenders and assemble evidence of the offence taking place. Our investigations are designed to quickly establish the identity of those who are persistently fly tipping in problem areas.


Other Services

Glasgow private investigators


Gilead Specialist Services Matrimonial Investigations can catch out a cheating spouse and provide evidence for acts of infidelity, including inappropriate relationships and extramarital affairs.


Our Rural Surveillance operators provide bespoke and comprehensive techniques and methods, allowing the unique ability to operate in all rural environments

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urban Surveillance

Foot, Mobile and Static Urban Surveillance.

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Rural Surveillance

Military experience in Rural environments.

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Covert Surveillance

Experts at seeing without being seen.