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Specialist Services

We understand that contacting a private investigation company can be daunting, but you can rest assured that all enquiries and investigations are handled by us with the utmost professional sensitivity and discretion. We are happy to assist each client with a unique approach, tailored to their specific needs, whether it be a breach of integrity or a corporate insurance investigation.

Gilead Specialist Services Ltd operators are ex-military and are trained and experienced investigators with operational experience, specialising in areas such as covert surveillance, vehicle tracking, open source research and reporting.

Having private investigators based around Glasgow and Edinburgh doesn't just ensure the investigators that you hire have local knowledge, this also means you get the best possible service at an excellent rate.

Association of british investigators

Gilead Specialist Services Ltd are proud members of the Association of British Investigators. Unfortunately the world of Private Investigators is unregulated and this means that anybody can set up and call them self an investigator and the evidence that you have payed for will be inadmissible as it was not gained lawfully. Do not fall into that trap and become a victim.

The ABI sets a standard that we are proud to uphold. We maintain these standards across all our investigations across the country.

Gilead investigators will ensure that all evidence gained during any investigation is lawful and admissibile in court. Whether investigating in Glasgow or across the country, we do not fall short of the professional standards we instil in our surveillance operators.

Locksmith Services

We understand how frustrating and upsetting it can be to lose your keys or be locked out of your home, your business premises or your vehicle. Gilead Locksmith Services offers a mobile, 24/7 Lockout service to resolve your situation and gain access as quickly as possible. Need spare keys? We can cut you new keys right at your door.

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urban Surveillance

Foot, Mobile and Static Urban Surveillance.

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Rural Surveillance

Military experience in Rural environments.

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Covert Surveillance

Experts at seeing without being seen.