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If you have any questions regarding Gilead Specialist Services Ltd and how we can help you, please read through our FAQ. If you can still not find what you are looking for, please go to our contact page and send us your questions.

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what is a private investigator?

There are many definitions of what a Private Investigator is but a Private Investigator can be considered as “a person not a member of a police force who carries out enquiries and investigations (covert or otherwise) on behalf of private clients or companies to find out information and check facts”.

Why should i hire a private investigator?

Our investigator(s) are trained, qualified and experienced individuals who will ensure that investigations are carried out professionally in accordance with surveillance best practices whilst ensuring that secrecy and integrity is maintained at all times during your investigation.

Is it legal?

Yes. All our investigations are carried out within the law and all reports produced are able to be used as evidence in courts throughout the UK, whether under Scottish or English Law.

Are you insured?

Yes. The investigations carried out by Gilead Specialist Services and the Locksmith Services are all fully insured – Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.

in what circumstances would surveillance be most suitable?

This is a useful technique in gathering evidence and information on cases involving some form of deception, such as fraudulent insurance claims.

how much will it cost me?

As we provide a wide variety of investigative services, the cost would be dependent on a range of factors. We can, however, supply a table of charges detailing the cost of hiring an investigator (whether it be during the day, for overnight surveillance or long term), vehicle tracking, providing comprehensive reports etc.

when do i pay?

All costs for our Investigation and Surveillance services must be paid upfront and in full before the commencement of any Investigation.
Any reasonable expenses incurred during the course of the task will be charged at cost only after the Investigation. These include parking tickets, road tolls, public transport etc.
Any large and unreasonable expenses will be agreed with between the client and Gilead Specialist Services prior to the continuation of the Investigation. These expenses will incur and are not limited to the subject taking a plane or ferry, books in to a hotel or going to a expensive restaurant where it is deemed vital to follow the subject in order to gain imperative evidence.

Is evidence you gather usable in court?

All evidence gathered is obtained legally and in compliance with legal and regulatory restrictions. Evidence is admissible in legal proceedings in courts within the United Kingdom.

Are there restraints as to where you are able to offer your investigation services?

Gilead Specialist Services is, subject to the particular engagement and agreement between both parties, able to work where required by the client.

Why should I choose Gilead Locksmith Services?

With our fully trained and Registered Master Locksmith, we offer a mobile service with competitive pricing.

What locksmith services do you offer?

Gilead Locksmith Services are able to gain entry to properties, replace damaged and broken locks as well as provide a key cutting service. All our Locksmith services are mobile, we come to you!

Are you able to open car door locks and replace keys?

From mid Dec 2016 the ability to open car door locks will be in our portfolio. Replacing car keys will be subject to the make, model and year of the vehicle.

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urban Surveillance

Foot, Mobile and Static Urban Surveillance.

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Rural Surveillance

Military experience in Rural environments.

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Covert Surveillance

Experts at seeing without being seen.