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Covert Surveillance is the act of imposing Surveillance on an individual, place or vehicle without the target knowing they are being kept under physical or technical observation. We provide covert foot and mobile surveillance throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and the rest of the United Kingdom.


Our Operators gather evidence for our clients by remaining covert and undetected. When an individual is carrying out an activity deemed to be illegal, which breaks civil law or is an activity which the perpetrator would rather keep secret, the Investigator can gather evidence showing them carrying out this illicit activity, something they definitely would not do if they knew they were being watched!


A covert Operator can gain valuable evidence which might not be gathered by an overt or poorly trained & disciplined Surveillance Operator. This ensures that our clients get the important details and information pertinent to their case as quickly as possible.


All investigations which utilise Surveillance at Gilead Specialist Services are conducted covertly. While remaining covert, the operator conducting Surveillance will ensure a high degree of professionalism, integrity and self discipline. Please note though - all Surveillance involves investigation but not all investigations involve Surveillance!


Operators at Gilead Specialist Services provide covert Surveillance on foot, mobile or in static locations. We use Surveillance in all forms of our investigations whether in Glasgows urban or the Scottish Highlands rural environments and on all terrains, for example for insurance claims, benefit fraud or following an individual for matrimonial and infidelity cases.

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