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covert vehicle tracking

Our Covert Vehicle Tracking Investigations use state of the art discrete tracking technology to relay the real time location and route of the tracked vehicle, which can be monitored remotely or directly.

Covert Vehicle Tracking can be considered as the ability to know and see the location of a vehicle at any particular time.

confidential & discreet

The Covert Vehicle Tracking service offered by Gilead Specialist Services is confidential and discreet, and carried out in a highly professional manner, using latest devices and systems which can provide highly accurate readings.

always within the law

The service is achieved by the lawful deployment of a covert tracking device on the vehicle. With no need to have the vehicle keys or access into the vehicle, these devices can be fitted in a matter of seconds, and deployed almost any time and anywhere. Our Glasgow based investigators will deploy trackers discreetly and lawfully.

efficient & effective

Use of these devices and tools is a good, efficient and effective method of gathering intelligence and information whilst carrying out normal surveillance and can be used in such investigative areas as:
- breach of contract
- evidence of co-habitation

extremely funtional

Some of the functionalities of the devices include:
- remote access by the investigator
- high accuracy
- ability to remain dormant until motion activated
- ability to log and record dates / routes / locations / stops
- SMS / email alerts

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