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Gilead Specialist Services have dedicated operators who specialise in desktop research, utilising social media and other online resources including the Deep Web.

techniques & technology

Whatever your circumstances or needs, we are here to help you. By using the latest techniques and a variety of navigating sources including the Deep Web, we will endeavour to trace your friend or loved one, or even subjects who are trying to keep "off grid".

missing persons

When we are tasked with a missing persons case, Gilead Specialist Services goes back to the drawing board, looks at the original circumstances and gets all the facts so we can start our own investigation. Our Investigators may be able to see a connection that was originally overlooked or missed entirely.

reasons for tracing

Are you wanting to track down an old work colleague? Perhaps you would like to make contact with a school friend from years gone by. Has a family member left home and hasn't made contact since? Are you worried about a relative who seems to have 'just disappeared'?

positive identification

Finding an online presence and electronically tracing an individual is one thing, but what about positive physical confirmation? Once the target has been identified, Gilead Specialist Services provide Surveillance options and a doorknock service throughout Glasgow to positively confirm that the individual found is indeed the correct target.

glasgow online investigation
matrimonial investigations
additional services & investigations

Here at Gilead Specialist Services we can provide these additional services and investigations...

glasgow urban investigation

urban Surveillance

Foot, Mobile and Static Urban Surveillance.

rural foliage

Rural Surveillance

Military experience in Rural environments.

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Covert Surveillance

Experts at seeing without being seen.